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Türkieye's domestic marketplace platform has finally been established. www.herkessatiyor.com, 
which was founded entirely with domestic capital and labor, started its publication. Herkessatiyor.com is both a marketplace and an advertisement site that you can place your ads for free,
you can open a corporate advertising store or open a professional sales store to sell your products. Established under the guarantee of İyzico, herkessatiyor.com offers incredible advantages to its stores and members; The most important of these advantages is the fact that you can sell without paying high
commission fees and that the payment of the products sold is transferred to your account
within 7 days in total. The earnings transferred to your account between 20-30 days on other
platforms are transferred to your account within 7 days at herkessatiyor.com. Other advantages: Your user panel is so easy to add and sell your products is practical,
while all communication channels are also an advantage. There is no charge from your individual advertisements and you can add your
individual products, completely free of charge.